Lowering Systems

High Mast

High Mast systems have similar advantages to the Powerlift range in that they can light large areas with just a few poles. High Mast systems have the added advantage of lowering the headframe to the ground, rather than the pole, via an electrically operated winch system that is permanently integrated into the base of the pole. All systems are manufactured to INGAL EPS specifications and all standard poles are suitable for wind regions A and B. High Mast systems are suitable for airports, container terminals, roadway interchanges, roundabouts and all high traffic areas where luminaire maintenance needs to be carried out with minimal interruption, or where there simply isn’t enough room to lower a pole.


  • 415V motor
  • Worm gear drive
  • Stainless steel lowering cables
  • No strain on lowering cables when system is in the home position
  • Red indicator discs show when the system is unhooked or in the home position
  • Lightning rod
  • All steel components are hot dip galvanized and all coloured components are hot dip galvanized and powder coated
  • All HMFJ60 systems have a 300kg capacity and can typically hold up to twelve 2000W luminaires
  • All poles and systems are suitable for wind regions A and B
  • On site instruction on operation and maintenance