INGAL EPS offers a total solution for all clients with a comprehensive range of foundation options to complete your project.


There are two types of bolts, U-Bolts and Straight Bar Bolts, which are available in numerous sizes and configurations. All are individually engineered to suit pole applications. The bolt configuration is set with a template for accurate positioning of the bolts in the concrete. This ensures accurate alignment of poles to bolts when the pole is erected.

Reinforcing Cages

INGAL EPS can provide reinforcing cages in various diameters and lengths to suit engineered pile or slab foundations.

Bolt-Cage Combos

Combos take all the hassle out or preparing a foundation. They are supplied with the Bolts already connected to the Reinforcing Cage, eliminating the need for steel fixing, welding, and a template.

Screw Anchors

Screw Anchors are an alternative to the standard concrete foundation. Utilising a hydraulic borer, the Screw Anchor self augers its way into the ground in less than a few minutes, eliminating the need to prepare concrete foundations seven days in advance of pole erection. They are also ideal for temporary installations and allow for easy relocation.