Luminaire Access Equipment


Luminaire Access Equipment

INGAL EPS offers a total solution for all clients with a comprehensive range of luminaire access equipment to complement and complete your projects.

Climbing Rungs

All Climbing Rungs are hot dip galvanized and commence 6m up the pole for safety to restrict passer-by access. There is the option of removable Climbing Rungs that are positioned inside permanently mounted lugs, or the rungs can be permanently attached to the pole.


The Sala Lad-Saf® system is a personal fall arrest system for use with climbing rungs or fixed ladders. For further detail on the Lad-Saf® system click here.

Lamping Platforms

Lamping Platforms are designed to provide a safe working area for maintenance staff. This allows for easier and safer maintenance and servicing of luminaries and their control equipment at height.