Street Lighting


The Freeway Street Lighting range was inspired by the need for greater outreaches over wide roadways. The predominantly Category V (vehicular) designed poles are ideally suited for multi-laned roads. The range is an extension of the tapered octagonal Avenue range of poles, but utilises a heavy-duty shaft allowing for outreaches of up to 4.5m in length.

Options & Accessories

  • The Freeway Street Light range is base plate mounted as standard, but can be designed for in-ground mounting
  • The poles are hot dip galvanized and can be powder coated or painted in the colour of your choice
  • The range is available in tapered octagonal
  • Standard mounting heights are 10.5m to 12m
  • Standard outreach lengths are 1.5m to 4.5m
  • Poles can be designed for differing heights and outreach lengths

Product Codes


S=Street Lighting
F= Flange Mounted (Base Plate)
O=Tapered Octagonal
S= Single Outreach
L=Light Duty
D=Double Outreach