Impact Absorbing

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    Impact Absorbing

    INGAL EPS has been the largest supplier of street lighting poles to Australian road, power, and council organisations and their contractors for over 40 years. Often being the original designer of the Impact Absorbing poles they now refer to as their own.

    INGAL EPS have been designing and manufacturing Impact Absorbing poles since 1979, and were the first to have the designs tested to the relevant standard (AS/NZS 1158.1.3) for both 60km/h and 110km/h zones. Under design criteria and circumstances, the poles will stop a vehicle and minimise the force on the vehicle’s occupants. The pole remains attached to the base structure and absorbs impact energy progressively, entrapping the impacting vehicle as the pole deforms. An impact absorbing pole looks similar to a normal rigid pole, but features innovative vertical slots at the base to create a cushioning effect if the pole is hit by a vehicle. Standard height and outreach lengths vary according to relevant authority specifications.

    Options and Accessories

    • Impact Absorbing poles can be either base plate or in-ground mounted 
    • The poles are hot dip galvanized and can be powder coated or painted in the colour of your choice
    • Available in tapered round and tapered octagonal 
    • Mounting heights and outreach lengths vary according to the relevant authority’s specification 
    • Varying heights and outreach lengths can be designed for your application 
    • Design, testing, and certifying of Impact Absorbing pole designs

    Organisations we have supplied Impact Absorbing Poles for include:

    • ActewAGL (ACT) 
    • Adelaide City Council (SA) 
    • Aurora Energy (Tas) 
    • Country Energy (NSW) 
    • Department of Transport, Energy & Infrastructure (SA) 
    • Energy Australia (NSW) 
    • ETSA Utilities (SA) 
    • Horizon Power (WA) 
    • Integral Energy (NSW) 
    • Jemena (Vic) 
    • Main Roads (WA) 
    • NT Roads (NT) 
    • Powercor (Vic) 
    • Power & Water (NT) 
    • Roads & Traffic Authority NSW (NSW) 
    • SP AusNet (Vic) 
    • Tenix Alliance (Vic) 
    • VicRoads (Vic) 
    • Western Power Corporation (WA)