SitePro 1

Valmont Industries is a 3 Billion Dollar multi-national manufacturing company with plants in 26 countries and over 9,000 employees.  Valmont’s stock is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange, ticker VMI.  Valmont specializes in large utility structures, lighting poles, irrigation systems and communications structures and components.  Valmont Site Pro 1 is a Valmont owned Company that specializes in communications components.

The cellular industry realized fast growth in the 1990’s, and as service moved to more rural areas more demand was generated for self-supporting and guyed towers. To fill out this segment of the product line, in 1995 Valmont acquired Microflect Company, a Salem, OR manufacturer of lattice towers and site components. In 2001 they added Pirod, a Plymouth, IN manufacturer of solid rod towers and site components.

As the focus of the cellular/PCS business moved from raw land sites to buildings and co-location, the demand for site components increased. To fill this need and to provide a more nationwide presence, in 2008 Valmont acquired Site Pro 1, a leading manufacturer of wireless site components, with warehouses in NY, GA, and CA. Microflect and Pirod’s component businesses were rolled into Site Pro 1. In 2011 Valmont Site Pro 1 opened a sixth warehouse location in Dallas, TX, allowing coverage of 96% of the US with next-day or second-day service. In 2016, Site Pro 1 continued expansion and advanced service by adding a new distribution center in Tampa, FL and commencing operation in Australia, opening a distribution center in Brisbane, Queensland.

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