Coomera Sports Park

The Coomera Sports Park is a key regional sports and recreation precinct for the Gold Coast City Council.  Located on Beattie Road (adjacent to Dreamworld), the park was developed to accommodate the steady growing population within the north of the Gold Coast.  Over the past decade, Coomera Sports Park has expanded to include a number of sport and recreational events, including Australia Rules, Rugby Union, Touch Football, Cricket, and most recently Rugby League. 

Based on quality of service and product, INGAL EPS was chosen from tender to supply Coomera Sports Park with an upgraded lighting package.  This consisted of 8 x 20metre poles for the sports fields and 6 x 6metre poles for the car park. 

INGAL EPS provides a wide range of products for all floodlighting requirements, and has floodlighting poles installed at some of Australia’s most well-known sporting grounds.  No Floodlighting project is too large or too small for INGAL EPS, and we hold common sizes of Floodlighting poles in stock at many of our sites.

  • Coomera Sports Park - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Drummoyne Oval

Situated along the Parramatta River within Sydney’s inner-western suburb of Drummoyne is the Drummoyne Oval and Taplin Park sporting facilities.  Built in 1931, the oval is now home to the Balmain Cricket Club as well as host for professional NRL matches, and local Rugby Union and AFL matches.  The local community of Drummoyne has, traditionally, been strongly involved in supporting several sporting codes. Recently, however, the existing lighting systems had become inadequate to provide efficient lighting for national level competitions.

To further improve the usage of the facilities and to also attract new events/games to the grounds, night use needed to be a viable option.  Improvements were required to meet the minimum standard for top level games to be held.  As such the City of Canada Bay gained additional funding from several resources (including Federal Government) to fund the project.

INGAL EPS submitted and won the tender for the supply of lighting towers for Drummoyne, which required the design of the poles to meet all safety requirements including movement under extreme wind conditions as well as providing safety systems for workers maintaining the light fittings in the future.  INGAL EPS supplied the poles to meet all necessary requirements whilst minimizing the weight of the poles and aiding the efficient and cost effective footing and foundation design.

  • Drummoyne Oval - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Drummoyne Oval - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting - Image Courtesy Sydney Sixers

  • Drummoyne Oval - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting
  • Drummoyne Oval - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Robertson Oval

Considering its central location and proximity to accommodation, shopping, and restaurants, the upgrade of Robertson Oval to a first-class facility only made sense.  This week saw Wagga Wagga City Council commence the final steps of the multi-million dollar upgrade with the installation of the INGAL EPS designed and manufactured lighting towers.

Each INGAL EPS designed lighting tower weighs close to 25 tonnes and will allow Robertson Oval to host first-class professional sporting events.  The design also features the ability to upgrade the lights to allow for HD TV coverage of night events in the future, which may provide the Council with the ability to entice the Australian Football League, and Cricket Australia to the venue.

It was INGAL EPS’s access to a global network of trained specialists that allowed us to work closely with the customer in delivering an efficient and cost effective lighting solution to the end user; Wagga City Council.

Image Courtesy of Wagga Wagga City Council

Bob Jane Stadium

The new Lakeside Stadium (formerly Bob Jane Stadium) opened in October 2011, and is now home ground for the South Melbourne FC, Athletics Victoria, Athletics Australia, Victoria Institute of Sport, and Australian Little Athletics. The upgrade was to accommodate the state’s premier athletic facilities after the demolition of Olympic Park. With a total capacity of around 15,000 (including seating for approximately 7,000), the upgrade features IAAF-approved synthetic 8-lane running track; with a 10-lane, 110m straight, and 50m indoor running track; a new FIFA-sized natural grass pitch; new electronic score board capable of streaming vision; a 6-lane warm-up track; and training facilities.

The re-vamped facility also included upgraded field and broadcasting lighting, for which INGAL EPS supplied the poles. The 4x 46m fixed poles come with 8 radial headframes which are capable of supporting 85 of the chosen Sylvania R2 Maxi Floodlights per pole. What makes this project even more amazing is that, due to space restrictions, the poles were erected from outside the stadium using a 350T crane.

  • Bob Jane Stadium - Lakeside Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Bob Jane Stadium - Lakeside Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

  • Bob Jane Stadium - Lakeside Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Cranbourne Race Track

The Cranbourne Turf Club has recently become only the second racing club in Victoria and the first of the Country Clubs to conduct thoroughbred races under lights.  The $6.7 million lighting upgrade commenced in mid-June of 2011 and held its first meeting under the lights on 9th March of this year.  Operating on alternative Friday evenings to the Moone Valley Racing Club, the Cranbourne Race Track’s night racing seeks to provide entertainment for the whole family, whilst allowing for national and international coverage via television broadcasting.  Two visiting officials from the Hong Kong Racing Club were among the first to see the new lights in action, commenting that is was the best night racing technology that they had seen around the world.

INGAL EPS was proud to be part of this vast upgrade by supplying over $220,000 worth of fixed floodlighting poles.  Thirty-nine ex-Valmont poles were supplied, ranging from 18-22 metres.  Combined, the 39 poles carry 612 of Sylvania’s R2 Maxi Floodlights.  INGAL EPS’ floodlighting range is ideal for large commercial applications such as sporting ovals, golf driving ranges etc.  Depending on requirements product can be designed to allow for multiple lighting fixtures or even larger than normal sail areas.

  • Cranbourne Race Track - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting
  • Cranbourne Race Track - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Banyule Flats Reserve

As a site of state significance, the Banyule Flats Reserve Swamp and Wetlands are rich in Biodiversity.  So when the Banyule Flats North and South Sports Grounds required a lighting upgrade to meet the Australian Standards, a great deal of consideration was required in designing a lighting solution that would not adversely affect the migratory and nocturnal behaviors of the EPBC (Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999) listed species habituating the Swamp and Wetlands.

Upon award of the tender for 4 x 25m poles and 4 x 27m poles, INGAL EPS immediately set out to develop a product that would allow the fitting of unique glare shields (designed by Martin Butcher Lighting) to reduce light spill to the surrounding areas of the sporting reserve; the design is believed to be the only one of its type in Victoria.

Designed for an A2 wind region, the poles not only needed to be structurally adequate to support the additional wind-loading, but also needed to be aesthetically pleasing to the residents on the opposite side of the ground.

Maribyrnong College

Maribyrnong College is Victoria’s only state-funded Sports Specialism school with a sports enrollment comprising of nearly 40% of the school population.
The first stage of Maribyrnong’s Sports Academy included 7000m2 of sporting complex including an indoor running track, an elite training centre, and six international standard tennis courts.  
INGAL EPS was awarded the tender for stage two of the project which involved supplying 10 x 30m, and 2 x 31m poles for a national standard artificial hockey pitch, and FIFA rated soccer field.  Each pole was designed to accomodate up to 12 of Sylvania’s high performance R2 Maxi luminaires per pole.
INGAL EPS has Floodlighting poles in some of Australia’s most well-known sporting grounds.  No Floodlighting project is too big or too small for INGAL EPS, and we hold common sizes of Floodlighting poles in stock at many of our sites.

ANZ Stadium

If you have had a chance to visit Sydney ANZ Stadium recently, you may have noticed the unusual lighting poles surrounding the practice cricket nets next to the main stadium.
INGAL EPS was able to work closely with the customer, Pulvin Composite, in developing a product that would meet the project needs.

Originally, the brief required 6 x 30m poles which resembled emu necks, however, the urgency of the project required NGAL EPS to alter the design in order to help Pulvin Composite meet the porject critical path requirements. The finalised product was 4 x 6m poles which were flange mounted to 8m round pipes.

One of INGAL EPS's key strengths is meeting our customer's critical path requirements. By combining the best price with lead time, INGAL EPS was able to meet the customer's deadline.

  • ANZ Stadium - Floodlighting Poles
  • ANZ Stadium - Floodlighting Poles

Woodville Rugby Union Football Club - Gleneagles Reserve Lighting

South Australia's Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program (CRSFP) is aimed at supporting the South Australian Strategic Plan's sport and recreation target to increase the state's population participating in sport of physical activity by 50% by 2020.

In 2012, the Woodville Rugby Union Football Club was a recipient of a CRSFP grant to help upgrade Gleneagles Reserve's lighting facilities, for which INGAL EPS supplied 4 x 20m floodlight poles.

Due to the size of the field, the poles were fitted with Philips Optivisions supplied by Pierlite providing optimum glare control in a compact design.

  • Woodville Rugby Club - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting
  • Woodville Rugby Club - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Woodville Rugby Club - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Plympton Park Recreation Oval

Through its Strategic Plan 2009 to 2013, Plympton Sports and Recreation Club developed strategies for seeking cost effective ways to maximise the use of their facilities and encourage more people to be active in sports and recreation.

The oval is located on the corner of Milton Avenue and Park Terrace, Plympton and now features 4 x 25m INGAL EPS Floodlighting Poles with 5 x Philips Optivisions supplied by Pierlite.

The lighting upgrade has not only helped to improve player safety at night, but also in Turf Management.  The installation of new lights has removed black spots which resulted in overuse of some areas on the oval.  The new lighting system allows the club to implement training programs that rotate sessions around the whole field, spreading the wear and allowing greater recovery time to turf.

  • Plympton Park - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Plympton Park - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Plympton Park - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Pines Hockey Stadium

Adelaide’s Pine Hockey Stadium is home to Hockey SA, the peak body for hockey in South Australia, and to both Adelaide-based Australian Hockey League Teams; the men’s Southern Hotshots and the women’s Southern Suns.

A recent state government funded upgrade of Pine Hockey Stadium saw the installation of a second synthetic hockey pitch as well as a $809,000 upgrade to the 24 year old lighting system. INGAL EPS supplied 8 x 18 Valmont Seesaw poles which were all designed to accommodate 6-7 Pierlite Disano fittings.

The upgrade has already enhanced the viability of the venue, with the Pines Hockey Stadium having hosted the National Women’s Master’s Championship in October last year. The upgrade has also cemented the Stadium as a premier venue for Hockey in South Australia, ensuring that the site adheres to international playing standards.

  • Pines Hockey Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighint Poles
  • Pines Hockey Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting
  • Pines Hockey Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

St Clair Oval

The suburbs of Woodville and Cheltenham, west of Adelaide’s city centre, has undergone a transformation recently and continues to change as the St Clair development progresses.

The development currently offers more than 1200 new houses over 22 hectares of lagoons and evergreen parklands, with a village square with shops and cafes in the centre. But what makes this development truly spectacular is the land swap that was required to move St Clair oval to the development site.

INGAL EPS was engaged by Sportslighting Plus for the relocation of the sporting oval and was able to supply 4 x 25m Valmont Floodlighting Poles each featuring 4x Pierlite Optivision fittings for the new grounds. This result has enabled the installation for first class cricket pitches and soccer grounds.
  • St Clair Oval - Floodlighting Poles
  • St Clair Oval - Floodlighting Poles
  • St Clair Oval - Floodlighting Poles
  • Woodville Rugby Club - Floodlighting Poles