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Drummoyne Oval

Situated along the Parramatta River within Sydney’s inner-western suburb of Drummoyne is the Drummoyne Oval and Taplin Park sporting facilities.  Built in 1931, the oval is now home to the Balmain Cricket Club as well as host for professional NRL matches, and local Rugby Union and AFL matches.  The local community of Drummoyne has, traditionally, been strongly involved in supporting several sporting codes. Recently, however, the existing lighting systems had become inadequate to provide efficient lighting for national level competitions.

To further improve the usage of the facilities and to also attract new events/games to the grounds, night use needed to be a viable option.  Improvements were required to meet the minimum standard for top level games to be held.  As such the City of Canada Bay gained additional funding from several resources (including Federal Government) to fund the project.

INGAL EPS submitted and won the tender for the supply of lighting towers for Drummoyne, which required the design of the poles to meet all safety requirements including movement under extreme wind conditions as well as providing safety systems for workers maintaining the light fittings in the future.  INGAL EPS supplied the poles to meet all necessary requirements whilst minimizing the weight of the poles and aiding the efficient and cost effective footing and foundation design.

  • Drummoyne Oval - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Drummoyne Oval - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting - Image Courtesy Sydney Sixers

  • Drummoyne Oval - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting
  • Drummoyne Oval - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Robertson Oval

Considering its central location and proximity to accommodation, shopping, and restaurants, the upgrade of Robertson Oval to a first-class facility only made sense.  This week saw Wagga Wagga City Council commence the final steps of the multi-million dollar upgrade with the installation of the INGAL EPS designed and manufactured lighting towers.

Each INGAL EPS designed lighting tower weighs close to 25 tonnes and will allow Robertson Oval to host first-class professional sporting events.  The design also features the ability to upgrade the lights to allow for HD TV coverage of night events in the future, which may provide the Council with the ability to entice the Australian Football League, and Cricket Australia to the venue.

It was INGAL EPS’s access to a global network of trained specialists that allowed us to work closely with the customer in delivering an efficient and cost effective lighting solution to the end user; Wagga City Council.

Image Courtesy of Wagga Wagga City Council

Enfield Stabling Yard

Train Stabling Yards are used for sorting, storing, and repairing passenger cars.  They are essential in delivering clean, safe, secure, and reliable passenger services.  With the integration of the Waratah assets into the existing NSW Transport network in early 2012, a temporary stabling yard had to be constructed for 16 x 8 car trains to enable the transition into passenger service of the new Waratah trains and the retirement of non-air-conditioned trains.  The solution was Enfield Stabling Yard.

As the construction on the Enfield Stabling Yard was conducted within an operational heavy rail yard, lighting was an important factor in providing a safe working environment.  INGAL EPS was able to provide a cost-effective solution to this problem in the form of 4m, 6m, and 8m square-section hinged poles to Railcorp Specification.  Not only will this ensure the safety of the stabling yard staff, but the increased visibility will also aid in deterring vandalism.

ANZ Stadium

If you have had a chance to visit Sydney ANZ Stadium recently, you may have noticed the unusual lighting poles surrounding the practice cricket nets next to the main stadium.
INGAL EPS was able to work closely with the customer, Pulvin Composite, in developing a product that would meet the project needs.

Originally, the brief required 6 x 30m poles which resembled emu necks, however, the urgency of the project required NGAL EPS to alter the design in order to help Pulvin Composite meet the porject critical path requirements. The finalised product was 4 x 6m poles which were flange mounted to 8m round pipes.

One of INGAL EPS's key strengths is meeting our customer's critical path requirements. By combining the best price with lead time, INGAL EPS was able to meet the customer's deadline.

  • ANZ Stadium - Floodlighting Poles
  • ANZ Stadium - Floodlighting Poles