Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal Apron Upgrade

The annual average of domestic passengers through the Brisbane Airport has increased from 15.5 million in 2010 to 20.6 million in 2011, and is expected to reach an annual average of 33.3 million by 2028-2029. With this in mind, BMD Constructions was contracted to construct the $36 million upgrade to Brisbane Airport’s Domestic Terminal Apron, whilst INGAL EPS supplied over $150,000 worth of lowering systems.

The Powerlift Lowering system, as pictured, is suitable for applications that require quick and efficient maintenance whilst achieving optimum floodlighting requirements. As an alternative to INGAL EPS’ patented seesaw range, the Powerlift allows for a larger number of lighting fixtures at heights of up to 40m. With the use of a portable hydraulic unit and the Powerlift’s locking hinge located approximately 1m from the base, lowering and raising the pole is easy.

  • Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal Apron Upgrade - Lowering Systems - Powerlift
  • Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal Apron Upgrade - Lowering Systems - Powerlift

Coomera Sports Park

The Coomera Sports Park is a key regional sports and recreation precinct for the Gold Coast City Council.  Located on Beattie Road (adjacent to Dreamworld), the park was developed to accommodate the steady growing population within the north of the Gold Coast.  Over the past decade, Coomera Sports Park has expanded to include a number of sport and recreational events, including Australia Rules, Rugby Union, Touch Football, Cricket, and most recently Rugby League. 

Based on quality of service and product, INGAL EPS was chosen from tender to supply Coomera Sports Park with an upgraded lighting package.  This consisted of 8 x 20metre poles for the sports fields and 6 x 6metre poles for the car park. 

INGAL EPS provides a wide range of products for all floodlighting requirements, and has floodlighting poles installed at some of Australia’s most well-known sporting grounds.  No Floodlighting project is too large or too small for INGAL EPS, and we hold common sizes of Floodlighting poles in stock at many of our sites.

  • Coomera Sports Park - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Ipswich Motorway Upgrade: Dinmore to Goodna

With 98% of construction on the $1.95 billion Ipswich Motorway upgrade complete, it is merely a matter of months before the finishing touches are finalised. Federal MP for Blair, Shayne Neumann has confirmed that the Dinmore to Goodna upgrade is well ahead of schedule and is likely to be completed by mid-year, rather than late 2012. Construction of the project commenced in early 2009 by the Origin Alliance, consisting of The Department of Transport and Main Roads, Abigroup Contractors, Fulton Hogan, Seymour Whyte Constructions, SMEC Australia, and Parsons Brinckerhoff, and was designed to alleviate traffic congestion, and to improve safety and reliability for motorists.

The upgrade involved widening the Ipswich Motorway from four to six lanes with the provision for eight lanes in the future. It was these specifications which made the Freeway lighting range ideal for the D2G project. INGAL EPS has currently provided over $2million worth of freeway lighting, which are approved by the Department of Transport and Main Roads and are designed to meet the need for greater outreaches over multi-lane roads. The Department of Transport and Main Roads freeway range utilises a heavy-duty shaft, allowing for outreaches up to 4.5 metres in length. Additionally, INGAL EPS has also supplied the D2G project with footings for the poles and brackets for project bridges.  A spokesperson for the Origin Alliance said that they have been pleased with the quality of work provided by INGAL EPS, as well as the company’s ability to keep pace with the project and respond to changing requirements during construction.

  • Ipswich Motorway Upgrade Dinmore to Goodna - Street Lighting - Freeway

Jetty Canti-Traveller - WICET

The Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) Project in Gladstone involves the construction of a new coal export terminal in order to meet the increasing global demand for good quality and competitively priced thermal coal for power generation.  Once fully commissioned, WICET has the potential to be the largest of its kind providing over 27 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa) for stage one in additional export coal capacity through the Port of Gladstone.

INGAL EPS was chosen by Monadelphous Muhibbah Marine JV, to supply 6 standard handrail seesaw poles for the Jetty Canti-Traveller which will be used to construct the WICET Jetty.  The handrail poles - which were chosen for their ease of installation, ease of future maintenance of luminaires, and ready availability - are now installed on the temporary structure.

Port of Brisbane

As part of the national communications expansion, INGAL EPS has been engaged across several projects and clients regarding the supply of Telecommunication Monopoles. On such example is the new 2100MHz site at the Port of Brisbane at Fisherman Islands.

Fisherman Island is a flat area and as such there were no suitable places to install a monopole with antennae. The only option was to put antennae on top of a 30m INGAL EPS floodlighting tower at Patricks Autostrad terminal.

As the antennae had to be above the 35m height to receive the required coverage, INGAL EPS was in an excellent position to assist on this job, having designed the original floodlight tower. A 6m long section was designed to simply slip over the top of the existing pole and is supported by a turret flange as well as mounts for the huge 6m crossarm which supports six floodlights.

This goes to show why INGAL EPS is recognised throughout Australia as an industry leader in engineered products and services for poles, columns, and structures. Essential to our success is a company-wide commitment to customer service, innovation, and our ability to be the best cost producer for all products and serviced that we provide. We pride ourselves on being people of passion and integrity who excel and deliver customer results.

  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunications Pole
  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunications Pole
  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunication Poles
  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunications Pole
  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunications Pole