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Seaford Rail

As Adelaide’s outer southern region continues to experience a rapid growth in population, the Australian Government has provided $291.2million funding for the construction of 7 kilometres of dual rail track to the Seaford District Centre to provide greater transport flexibility now and well into the future.

The Seaford Rail Extension project will provide a new electrified passenger railway and a 5.7 kilometre extension of the dual track rail line from Noarlunga to the Seaford District Centre.  Not only will the completed project reduce travel time and improve access to everyday facilities, the project will also aid in reducing air and noise pollution as well as creating more than 400 jobs during the four year construction phase.

INGAL EPS supplied a variety of types and styles of light and camera poles to the Seaford Rail Extension including: the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Impact Absorbing Poles complete with single and double outreaches; 5.5m platform lighting and camera poles; and hinged pipe poles for ramps, whereas the Seaford Railcar Depot required 12m floodlight/camera poles.  INGAL EPS’s involvement on Seaford Rail did not stop with the supply of product, but continued on to project management and after sales service.  INGAL EPS’s project services can be customised to your project’s specific requirements.

Woodville Rugby Union Football Club - Gleneagles Reserve Lighting

South Australia's Community Recreation and Sport Facilities Program (CRSFP) is aimed at supporting the South Australian Strategic Plan's sport and recreation target to increase the state's population participating in sport of physical activity by 50% by 2020.

In 2012, the Woodville Rugby Union Football Club was a recipient of a CRSFP grant to help upgrade Gleneagles Reserve's lighting facilities, for which INGAL EPS supplied 4 x 20m floodlight poles.

Due to the size of the field, the poles were fitted with Philips Optivisions supplied by Pierlite providing optimum glare control in a compact design.

  • Woodville Rugby Club - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting
  • Woodville Rugby Club - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Woodville Rugby Club - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Plympton Park Recreation Oval

Through its Strategic Plan 2009 to 2013, Plympton Sports and Recreation Club developed strategies for seeking cost effective ways to maximise the use of their facilities and encourage more people to be active in sports and recreation.

The oval is located on the corner of Milton Avenue and Park Terrace, Plympton and now features 4 x 25m INGAL EPS Floodlighting Poles with 5 x Philips Optivisions supplied by Pierlite.

The lighting upgrade has not only helped to improve player safety at night, but also in Turf Management.  The installation of new lights has removed black spots which resulted in overuse of some areas on the oval.  The new lighting system allows the club to implement training programs that rotate sessions around the whole field, spreading the wear and allowing greater recovery time to turf.

  • Plympton Park - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Plympton Park - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Plympton Park - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Pines Hockey Stadium

Adelaide’s Pine Hockey Stadium is home to Hockey SA, the peak body for hockey in South Australia, and to both Adelaide-based Australian Hockey League Teams; the men’s Southern Hotshots and the women’s Southern Suns.

A recent state government funded upgrade of Pine Hockey Stadium saw the installation of a second synthetic hockey pitch as well as a $809,000 upgrade to the 24 year old lighting system. INGAL EPS supplied 8 x 18 Valmont Seesaw poles which were all designed to accommodate 6-7 Pierlite Disano fittings.

The upgrade has already enhanced the viability of the venue, with the Pines Hockey Stadium having hosted the National Women’s Master’s Championship in October last year. The upgrade has also cemented the Stadium as a premier venue for Hockey in South Australia, ensuring that the site adheres to international playing standards.

  • Pines Hockey Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighint Poles
  • Pines Hockey Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting
  • Pines Hockey Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

St Clair Oval

The suburbs of Woodville and Cheltenham, west of Adelaide’s city centre, has undergone a transformation recently and continues to change as the St Clair development progresses.

The development currently offers more than 1200 new houses over 22 hectares of lagoons and evergreen parklands, with a village square with shops and cafes in the centre. But what makes this development truly spectacular is the land swap that was required to move St Clair oval to the development site.

INGAL EPS was engaged by Sportslighting Plus for the relocation of the sporting oval and was able to supply 4 x 25m Valmont Floodlighting Poles each featuring 4x Pierlite Optivision fittings for the new grounds. This result has enabled the installation for first class cricket pitches and soccer grounds.
  • St Clair Oval - Floodlighting Poles
  • St Clair Oval - Floodlighting Poles
  • St Clair Oval - Floodlighting Poles
  • Woodville Rugby Club - Floodlighting Poles