Special Applications

Footscray to Deer Park Upgrade

In response to the rapidly growing Victorian population, the Australian and Victorian government have invested $3.225 billion towards Regional Rail Link; Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project and Melbourne’s first new major rail line in 80 years.  The project will increase the size of Victoria’s rail network by laying 90km of new track.  A section of the project from Footscray to Deer Park includes upgrades to Footscray station, major bridge works, laying over 7.5km of new track, and modifications to the metropolitan signaling system from Footscray to Sunshine.

Having worked with Thiess on projects such as the Newport Stabling Siding, and the Wonthaggi Power Station for the Desal Plant, INGAL EPS was contracted to supply 3x 18m temporary telecommunication poles; 36x 12m lighting poles for the car parks; 17x 12m joint use lighting and CCTV poles (which were specifically designed for this project); and 13x 4m CCTV poles to the Footscray – Deer Park Rail Upgrade and will also be supplying similar products to stage two. 

From the beginning, INGAL EPS was able to work closely with the alliance in supplying a fully engineered, Department of Transport approved product.  Our design and structural engineering services team can provide you with the most comprehensive in-house design, engineering, and drafting services in the industry.  Utilising the latest technology, the INGAL EPS team is able to work closely with our client from project conception to providing the ultimate design and engineering solutions.

  • Footscray to Deer Park - Special Application Poles - CCTV
  • Footscray to Deer Park - Special Application Poles - CCTV

Dandenong Feature Pole

If you have been down to Central Dandenong Station recently, you will have noticed a change in the skyline; in particular the 28metre mirror pole at North Plaza. Nilsen (Vic) Pty Ltd, a family owned Australian electrical business and a regular customer of INGAL EPS for over the past 25 years, recently worked with INGAL EPS in tailoring a feature pole for the social and economic centre of South East Melbourne that is Dandenong. 

Inspired by a similar pole at the YAS Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, the feature pole is fitted with five Siteco R3 Maxi luminaires that are directed towards a canopy of 91 Siteco Mirrortec reflectors.  The supply and lighting design of the Siteco luminaries and Mirrortec reflector system was carried out by Sylvania Lighting Australasia. It was the complexity of the project that required INGAL EPS to utilise its extensive engineering expertise to design and supply the product. Valued at $78,000, the pole was manufactured at INGAL EPS’s manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Queensland and is believed to be the only one of its kind in Australia.

As part of a global network of trained specialists, INGAL EPS has access to numerous engineering and manufacturing facilities worldwide. The design of lighting structures is an important component in any streetscape or public area, and not only serves a practical use, but can aid in setting the tone or mood that the designer is trying to convey. INGAL EPS has a wide range of designs to choose from and can also collaborate with the designer to develop a new or varied appearance.

  • Special Application Poles - Dandenong Feature Pole

Seaford Rail

As Adelaide’s outer southern region continues to experience a rapid growth in population, the Australian Government has provided $291.2million funding for the construction of 7 kilometres of dual rail track to the Seaford District Centre to provide greater transport flexibility now and well into the future.

The Seaford Rail Extension project will provide a new electrified passenger railway and a 5.7 kilometre extension of the dual track rail line from Noarlunga to the Seaford District Centre.  Not only will the completed project reduce travel time and improve access to everyday facilities, the project will also aid in reducing air and noise pollution as well as creating more than 400 jobs during the four year construction phase.

INGAL EPS supplied a variety of types and styles of light and camera poles to the Seaford Rail Extension including: the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure Impact Absorbing Poles complete with single and double outreaches; 5.5m platform lighting and camera poles; and hinged pipe poles for ramps, whereas the Seaford Railcar Depot required 12m floodlight/camera poles.  INGAL EPS’s involvement on Seaford Rail did not stop with the supply of product, but continued on to project management and after sales service.  INGAL EPS’s project services can be customised to your project’s specific requirements.

Port of Brisbane

As part of the national communications expansion, INGAL EPS has been engaged across several projects and clients regarding the supply of Telecommunication Monopoles. On such example is the new 2100MHz site at the Port of Brisbane at Fisherman Islands.

Fisherman Island is a flat area and as such there were no suitable places to install a monopole with antennae. The only option was to put antennae on top of a 30m INGAL EPS floodlighting tower at Patricks Autostrad terminal.

As the antennae had to be above the 35m height to receive the required coverage, INGAL EPS was in an excellent position to assist on this job, having designed the original floodlight tower. A 6m long section was designed to simply slip over the top of the existing pole and is supported by a turret flange as well as mounts for the huge 6m crossarm which supports six floodlights.

This goes to show why INGAL EPS is recognised throughout Australia as an industry leader in engineered products and services for poles, columns, and structures. Essential to our success is a company-wide commitment to customer service, innovation, and our ability to be the best cost producer for all products and serviced that we provide. We pride ourselves on being people of passion and integrity who excel and deliver customer results.

  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunications Pole
  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunications Pole
  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunication Poles
  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunications Pole
  • Port of Brisbane - Telecommunications Pole