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Victoria & Tasmania

Bob Jane Stadium

The new Lakeside Stadium (formerly Bob Jane Stadium) opened in October 2011, and is now home ground for the South Melbourne FC, Athletics Victoria, Athletics Australia, Victoria Institute of Sport, and Australian Little Athletics. The upgrade was to accommodate the state’s premier athletic facilities after the demolition of Olympic Park. With a total capacity of around 15,000 (including seating for approximately 7,000), the upgrade features IAAF-approved synthetic 8-lane running track; with a 10-lane, 110m straight, and 50m indoor running track; a new FIFA-sized natural grass pitch; new electronic score board capable of streaming vision; a 6-lane warm-up track; and training facilities.

The re-vamped facility also included upgraded field and broadcasting lighting, for which INGAL EPS supplied the poles. The 4x 46m fixed poles come with 8 radial headframes which are capable of supporting 85 of the chosen Sylvania R2 Maxi Floodlights per pole. What makes this project even more amazing is that, due to space restrictions, the poles were erected from outside the stadium using a 350T crane.

  • Bob Jane Stadium - Lakeside Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles
  • Bob Jane Stadium - Lakeside Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

  • Bob Jane Stadium - Lakeside Stadium - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Cranbourne Race Track

The Cranbourne Turf Club has recently become only the second racing club in Victoria and the first of the Country Clubs to conduct thoroughbred races under lights.  The $6.7 million lighting upgrade commenced in mid-June of 2011 and held its first meeting under the lights on 9th March of this year.  Operating on alternative Friday evenings to the Moone Valley Racing Club, the Cranbourne Race Track’s night racing seeks to provide entertainment for the whole family, whilst allowing for national and international coverage via television broadcasting.  Two visiting officials from the Hong Kong Racing Club were among the first to see the new lights in action, commenting that is was the best night racing technology that they had seen around the world.

INGAL EPS was proud to be part of this vast upgrade by supplying over $220,000 worth of fixed floodlighting poles.  Thirty-nine ex-Valmont poles were supplied, ranging from 18-22 metres.  Combined, the 39 poles carry 612 of Sylvania’s R2 Maxi Floodlights.  INGAL EPS’ floodlighting range is ideal for large commercial applications such as sporting ovals, golf driving ranges etc.  Depending on requirements product can be designed to allow for multiple lighting fixtures or even larger than normal sail areas.

  • Cranbourne Race Track - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting
  • Cranbourne Race Track - Sports Lighting - Floodlighting Poles

Dandenong Feature Pole

If you have been down to Central Dandenong Station recently, you will have noticed a change in the skyline; in particular the 28metre mirror pole at North Plaza. Nilsen (Vic) Pty Ltd, a family owned Australian electrical business and a regular customer of INGAL EPS for over the past 25 years, recently worked with INGAL EPS in tailoring a feature pole for the social and economic centre of South East Melbourne that is Dandenong. 

Inspired by a similar pole at the YAS Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi, the feature pole is fitted with five Siteco R3 Maxi luminaires that are directed towards a canopy of 91 Siteco Mirrortec reflectors.  The supply and lighting design of the Siteco luminaries and Mirrortec reflector system was carried out by Sylvania Lighting Australasia. It was the complexity of the project that required INGAL EPS to utilise its extensive engineering expertise to design and supply the product. Valued at $78,000, the pole was manufactured at INGAL EPS’s manufacturing facility in Brisbane, Queensland and is believed to be the only one of its kind in Australia.

As part of a global network of trained specialists, INGAL EPS has access to numerous engineering and manufacturing facilities worldwide. The design of lighting structures is an important component in any streetscape or public area, and not only serves a practical use, but can aid in setting the tone or mood that the designer is trying to convey. INGAL EPS has a wide range of designs to choose from and can also collaborate with the designer to develop a new or varied appearance.

  • Special Application Poles - Dandenong Feature Pole

Footscray to Deer Park Upgrade

In response to the rapidly growing Victorian population, the Australian and Victorian government have invested $3.225 billion towards Regional Rail Link; Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project and Melbourne’s first new major rail line in 80 years.  The project will increase the size of Victoria’s rail network by laying 90km of new track.  A section of the project from Footscray to Deer Park includes upgrades to Footscray station, major bridge works, laying over 7.5km of new track, and modifications to the metropolitan signaling system from Footscray to Sunshine.

Having worked with Thiess on projects such as the Newport Stabling Siding, and the Wonthaggi Power Station for the Desal Plant, INGAL EPS was contracted to supply 3x 18m temporary telecommunication poles; 36x 12m lighting poles for the car parks; 17x 12m joint use lighting and CCTV poles (which were specifically designed for this project); and 13x 4m CCTV poles to the Footscray – Deer Park Rail Upgrade and will also be supplying similar products to stage two. 

From the beginning, INGAL EPS was able to work closely with the alliance in supplying a fully engineered, Department of Transport approved product.  Our design and structural engineering services team can provide you with the most comprehensive in-house design, engineering, and drafting services in the industry.  Utilising the latest technology, the INGAL EPS team is able to work closely with our client from project conception to providing the ultimate design and engineering solutions.

  • Footscray to Deer Park - Special Application Poles - CCTV
  • Footscray to Deer Park - Special Application Poles - CCTV

Banyule Flats Reserve

As a site of state significance, the Banyule Flats Reserve Swamp and Wetlands are rich in Biodiversity.  So when the Banyule Flats North and South Sports Grounds required a lighting upgrade to meet the Australian Standards, a great deal of consideration was required in designing a lighting solution that would not adversely affect the migratory and nocturnal behaviors of the EPBC (Environment Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999) listed species habituating the Swamp and Wetlands.

Upon award of the tender for 4 x 25m poles and 4 x 27m poles, INGAL EPS immediately set out to develop a product that would allow the fitting of unique glare shields (designed by Martin Butcher Lighting) to reduce light spill to the surrounding areas of the sporting reserve; the design is believed to be the only one of its type in Victoria.

Designed for an A2 wind region, the poles not only needed to be structurally adequate to support the additional wind-loading, but also needed to be aesthetically pleasing to the residents on the opposite side of the ground.

Maribyrnong College

Maribyrnong College is Victoria’s only state-funded Sports Specialism school with a sports enrollment comprising of nearly 40% of the school population.
The first stage of Maribyrnong’s Sports Academy included 7000m2 of sporting complex including an indoor running track, an elite training centre, and six international standard tennis courts.  
INGAL EPS was awarded the tender for stage two of the project which involved supplying 10 x 30m, and 2 x 31m poles for a national standard artificial hockey pitch, and FIFA rated soccer field.  Each pole was designed to accomodate up to 12 of Sylvania’s high performance R2 Maxi luminaires per pole.
INGAL EPS has Floodlighting poles in some of Australia’s most well-known sporting grounds.  No Floodlighting project is too big or too small for INGAL EPS, and we hold common sizes of Floodlighting poles in stock at many of our sites.

M80 Ring Road Upgrade - Tullamarine Freeway to Sydney Road

The M80 Ring Road is a freeway corridor in Melbourne that connects the northern and western suburbs to other urban and rural freeways. The road relieves freight traffic from Sydney Road, Pascoe Vale Road, and Geelong Road and funnels them to the freeway. While this has encouraged both industrial and residential growth in Melbourne’s western suburbs, there have been 13 fatal accidents and 715 casualty crashes along the M80 Ring Road between 2006-2010.

The M80 Ring Road upgrade will improve safety for drivers and local communities by adding lanes between some interchanges, reducing merging movements by traffic entering and exiting the freeway.

INGAL EPS provided various poles to 16.5m and outreaches to 5m including seesaw, slip base, rigid, and traffic signal poles to the Calder Freeway to Sydney Road stage of the upgrade. INGAL EPS was chosen for its ability to supply product within the agreed delivery period as well as a product that was recognised as value for money.

  • M80 - Street Lighting Poles - Freeway
  • M80 - Street Lighting Poles - Freeway
  • M80 - Street Lighting Poles - Freeway