Custom Engineered Poles

Custom Engineered Poles

INGAL EPS has a long history of custom designing utility poles for overhead power lines. More often now there is a need to install structures in confined easement spaces and without stays. No load, span or height is outside our capability to design and manufacture and we work closely with utilities, consultants and contractors to help them achieve optimal outcomes for their unique projects.

Steel poles are an aesthetic alternative to traditional towers and offer far greater corrosion resilience due to the self-cleaning nature of a tapered structure. Steel poles can be designed for use to be installed in lieu of towers without needing to compromise on height and span lengths and offer the advantages of a much smaller easement and greater public acceptance.

Many pole manufacturers are limited in the structure lengths they can produce. Longer spans enable line designers to minimise the use of structures and maximise spans to match the limits of the conductor being used. Spacing can be achieved without consideration of pole strength and INGAL EPS can design a pole to meet any loading requirement you have as the conductor strength will always be the limiting factor.

Working with load trees or ultimate tip loads, we can offer optimised structures that conform to all AS/NZS standards and/or ASCE 48-11, and because of the tapered design of our poles and the grade of material used in our designs, INGAL EPS steel poles are invariably the lightest pole structures available for any transmission line.

Key Benefits

Effectively no limit to the height and strength of pole that we can produce
Lightest poles for any length and tip load
Conform to all relevant AS/NZS standards and/or ASCE 48-11
Non-combustible with proven bush fire performance
Tapered design enables self-cleaning during rainfall
Impervious to insects and rot
Fully recyclable

Options & Accessories

Cross arms
OPGW extensions
Load rings
Stand-off insulator brackets
Climbing rungs, stiles and ladders
Rest platforms
Other items fabricated to the pole as required
De-Glare dull galvanised finish