Street Lighting

INGAL EPS has poles to suit every conceivable requirement for minor and major roads including poles for standard use, frangible poles in the form of Impact Absorbing and Slip Base, and an extensive range of Decorative poles.


INGAL EPS Floodlighting poles are installed at some of Australia’s most well-known sporting grounds. Having supplied Floodlighting poles from 4m to 75m in height, no Floodlighting project is too big nor too small.

Lowering Systems

INGAL EPS has an extensive range of Lowering Systems that will almost certainly provide a solution to your lowering requirements. Whether it’s a single camera or multiple luminaires that you need to maintain, we can recommend the best option.

Services and Accessories

In addition to manufacturing, INGAL EPS can also provide you with the most comprehensive in-house design, engineering, and drafting services in the industry. INGAL EPS can also supply anything that you may want or need to attach to or under a pole including; Foundations, Pole Top Hardware, and Pole Accessories.

Special Applications

Special Applications poles are a group of pole products that are not specifically for lighting or power purposes. They include Banner Poles, Camera Poles, Traffic Signal Poles, Multi-Function Poles, and Sign Structures for anything from street signs to variable message signs on major highways.


Our Telecommunication pole range has been specifically designed for the Australian mobile phone telecommunications market. The poles have a tapered round profile and our standard range has a pole to suit the majority of applications.

Utility Poles

INGAL EPS has provided poles to the power industry to support conductors carrying voltages from 415V up to 400kV. Our designs have tip loads ranging from 4kN up to 900kN and over 50m in height. We also have a standard range of Distribution poles.

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Valmont® SM
A Rich History of Growth
Valmont SM manufactures and co-engineers heavy complex steel structures for a diverse range of customers, including offshore oil and gas, wind energy, transmission towers, material handling systems, infrastructure, steel construction and pressure vessels.
Welcome to INGAL EPS
INGAL EPS is Australia’s leading manufacturer of quality poles, columns, and structures and it the only company of its type with a presence in every Australian state and territory. Manufacturing facilities are located locally in Brisbane, with factories in China, India, and the Philippines operated by our parent company, Valmont Industries, Inc.  Ingal EPS is registered with Transport NSW for category CC2.

Ingal EPS is a member of the Australian Steel Institute (ASI)

The ASI is the nation’s peak body representing the entire steel supply chain from the manufacturing mills right through to end users in building and construction, heavy engineering and manufacturing.

Australian Steel Institute

Ingal EPS is certified by Steelwork Compliance Australia to AS/NZS 5131- Structural Steelwork- Fabrication for construction category CC2.

This includes product and fabrication covered by AS 4100 and NZS 3404, AS 5100, AS/NZS 4600 (in part) and good practice as defined by industry experts on the Standard Australia Committee BD-01.

Steelwork Compliance Australia

Ingal EPS is certified by Weld Australia as having satisfied the requirements of the IIW Manufacturer Certification Scheme according to ISO 3834 Part 3.

Weld Australia

Ingal EPS has achieved full accreditation status of Australian Trusted Trader.

Ingal EPS meets the required standard of supply chain security and trade compliance, an arrangement under the Customs Amendment (Australian Trusted Trader Programme) Act 2015.

Australian Steel Institute