The Park range is suitable for large commercial applications such as floodlighting for sporting ovals and golf driving ranges. The design of this range allows for multiple lighting fixtures to be accommodated.

    Options & Accessories

    • Park poles are base plate mounted as standard, but can be designed for in-ground mounting
    • The poles are hot dip galvanized and can be powder coated or painted in the colour of your choice
    • The poles are available in tapered round and tapered octagonal
    • Standard mounting heights are 3m to 20m in tapered round and 8m to 30m in tapered octagonal
    • Poles can be designed for different heights
    • Tapered octagonal Park Poles are available in a Seesaw configuration, please
    • Additional access doors
    • Luminaire Adaptors, Cross Arms, Headframes and Lightning Protection Rods
    • Climbing rungs can be attached to the pole commencing at 6m
    • Lad Saf® system commencing at 6m
    • Lamping platform

    Product Codes

    Park (Tapered Octagonal)

    Park (Tapered Round)

    L=Light Duty
    F=Flange Mounted (Base Plate)

    M=Medium Duty
    R=Tapered Round

    LL=Extra Light Duty
    H=Heavy Duty